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Inductive sensor BI7C-EM18-VP6X-H1141

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Inductive sensor BI7C-EM18-VP6X-H1141

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inductive sensors
Inductive sensors detect metal objects in a non-contact and wear-free manner.
To do this, they use high-frequency alternating electromagnetic fields to interact with their targets.
Their advantages are durability, reliability,
Higher switching frequency, and longer service life.
Due to the special coil design, uprox can provide higher switching distances,
With an attenuation factor of 1 for all metals, installation is simple and safe, allowing ideal safe operation from the start.
Inductive sensor
For testing carbon materials
Model: NI40C-CK40-VP6X2-H1141
Item number: 100015716
Model: BI7C-EM18-VP6X-H1141
Item number: 100015715
Model: BI20C-QR20-VP6X2-H1141
Item number: 100015717

Inductive sensor
IO-Link communication and configuration
Model: NI50U-CK40-IOL6X2-H1141
Item number: 1625871
Model: BI10U-M18-IOL6X2-H1141
Item number: 1644875
Model: BI6U-M12-IOL6X2-H1141
Item number: 1644873

Inductive sensor
With analog output and IO-Link communication
Model: NI12-M30-IOLU69X2-H1141
Item number: 100001080

Switching distance extension
Model: NI15U-M18M-VP6X
Item number: 100000628
Model: NI40UE-QV40-VP6X2-H1141
Model: NI4-M12-IOLU69X2-H1141
Model: NI7-M18-IOLU69X2-H1141
Model: BI8-M18-AP6X-H1141
Model: BI8U-MT18-AP6X-H1141


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