Industrial PLC automatic control system
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Industrial PLC automatic control system & Vision system controller

Kingrun technology group is a company based in CHINA Specialize in high quality and a wide range of industrial electrical and mechanical equipment to a broad spectrum of industries. They are the ABB.Allen Brradley...
We offer: Automation & Sensor Items - PLC, HMI’s - Servo Motor, Servo Drives - Safety PLC Controllers & I/O Systems - PLC Cards - Safety Modules and Relays - Solid State Relays - Motor Protection Relays - Temperature ...
We value credit, abide by contracts, ensure product quality, and have won the trust of our customers with our multi-variety operating characteristics and the principle of small profits but quick turnover.
Address : 608 Taixiang Building ,No. 25 zhongshan Road, District,Xiamen ,China 361009